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Safety and certifications

We are proud of providing a clean, non-toxic product for the safety of our customers. We value full transparency in our formulations and quality standards, so the following is a comprehensive list of our certifications for your buying confidence in a safe, natural, good-for-you product. 

Dermatologist reviewed and certified as non irritating or non sensitization (contact allergy)

50 Subject Human Repeat Insult Patch Test For Skin Irritation and Skin Sensitization Evaluation

AMES tested for cancer...negative

Toxicology Safety Assessment...deemed safe


EHS (environmental health and safety testing) Tested for formaldehyde... no formaldehyde found.


Toxicologist reviewed and approved for safety.


GRAS ingredients (Generally regarded as safe)


No parabens

No dyes

No perfumes

No fragrance 

No silicone 

No sulfates

No waxes 

No essential oils

No harsh chemicals

Cruelty Free

No Animal Testing

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