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healthy scalp

A Delicate Balance

The scalp is made of 5 layers that all support hair growth. Environmental factors, changes in your health, and harsh chemicals found in most beauty products, can dramatically affect your scalp's natural balance within these layers. Skin is a complex ecosystem of protein, amino acids and water and can easily become distressed and produce a build-up of excess sebum. Healthilock's PlexProtein is designed to revive the scalp and hydrate it by nourishing it with a much needed balance of protein and water.  

Often, products on the market and those trying to treat the scalp contain oils and other ingredients that clog the pores of the scalp and contribute to issues with flaking and redness. Plexprotein creates a protective layer on the scalp that doesn't clog the pores, so it can breath as well as foster an environment for a healthy, well-maintained scalp.  Over time and with continual use, Plexprotein will help reduce redness and flaking of the scalp while supporting it's balanced ecosystem via protein and water.

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