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Created by chemistry

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Meet Jane (Our super cool chemist)

In middle school, my daughter developed plaque psoriasis on her scalp. Not only is this condition embarrassing for children, there is not a treatment on the market that is effective long-term and isn't made with harsh ingrediants. As a mom and with a background in chemistry and pharmaceuticals, I knew that I had to do something. Then, Healthilocks was born. Healthilocks effectively nourishes the scalp and soothes common scalp conditions like plaque psoriasis. At the same time, our PlexProtein formula strengthens the hair for a complete scalp and hair ritual for anyone who wants to experience a healthy scalp and healthy hair.  

FOR you and the planet

Healthilocks was founded in 2012 and is a privately held, family and woman-owned company dedicated to biotech engineered solutions for truly healthy scalp and hair. We invented the first and only proprietary, patent pending, protein complex trademarked PlexProtein TM. While most hair care products on the market today use solvents or harsh chemicals, we ONLY utilize a 100% water-based formula for your safety and the planet's. Healthilocks has been scientifically designed to be “green,” and free from dyes, colors, BSE/TSE (protein Bourne illnesses), silicone, paraben and solvents, so it won’t cause allergic reactions or any harmful side effects. As the first 100% water-based scalp and haircare protein solution, we are proud to say we leave only a “green” footprint behind.

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